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Tourism in East Africa

In East Africa, Land-based tourism is a major economic activity which attracts millions of visitors to different sites across the region every year and generating millions of dollars in foreign exchange earnings.Masai mara trips Sites such as the great National Parks of East, the Great Rift Valley of Eastern, Mount Rwenzori in Uganda, Mount Kenya in Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania are some of the major attractions. Mountains, wildlife, kenya safari wetlands and coastal areas are also major tourist attractions in the region.
The above attractions contribute to the increase in the number of tourist arrival in the East African region every year. However, Ecotourism accounts for around 30 percent of total international tourism. In recognition of ecotourism’s growth potential, particularly for developing countries, rwanda safari with people from the the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) declared 2002 the International Year of Ecotourism. Many countries in Africa, such as Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, gorilla tours have invested heavily in ecotourism. 

Tourism in East Africa include viewing gorillas which is the most exciting activity in the Great Lakes Region, game drive, Chimpanzee tracking, launch trips, birding activity, mountain-climbing in Eastern Africa,uganda safaris  , kenya cultural safaris, Rafting and many other activities. In the Great Lakes Region, for example, revenue from tourism based on gorilla viewing and other activities brings in about US$20 million to the region annually. Thus, Tourism can serve as a powerful incentive to protect natural resources in East Africa. uganda safari tours Since tourism is the first largest foreign exchange earner, a lot of development plans and strategy have been laid to ensure further development plans in the sector.
Tourism not only generates revenue to support conservation and management of natural environments but also generates many jobs. For example, hundreds of people live off the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, where foreign tourists trek to view gorillas. gorilla safaris uganda ,It has been argued that tourism has larger multiplier effects, with revenue spreading from hotel accommodation, food and beverages, shopping, entertainment and transport to income of hotel staff, taxi operators, shopkeepers and suppliers of goods and services.
Despite the growth of tourism, opportunities for further investment and development are vast in the region for example, Marketing East Africa as one tourism destination, the introduction of one single east Africa visa, influstructures development and improvement plans like in (Rwanda, Uganda), gorilla safari rwanda uganda , favorable regulations for investment in the region mention but a few.
In addition, measures need to be adopted to ensure that the benefits associated with tourism are spread across society, and that those who are directly involved in conservation are rewarded. Meanwhile, for those planning to have the best of there Holiday vocations in East Africa,bwindi gorilla trek don’t look any further apart from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania .

Promise in the effort to restore Rhinos n Uganda’ parks

Before the civil war around 1970s, Uganda had 400 Eastern Black Rhinos (Diceros biconis michaeli) in Murchison Falls National Park and 300 Northern White Rhinos ((Cerathotherium simum cottoni) in Kidepo Valley National Park.uganda safari

.Efforts to re-introduce rhinos in Uganda began in 2001 when two Southern White Rhinos were imported from Kenya and taken to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre where they are still residents. Uganda Wildlife Authority later came together with a local NGO, Rhino Fund Uganda, and imported six more rhinos from Kenya and the United States of America as part of the breeding program, and these are residents at the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary. All the three female rhinos got pregnant and two have already had babies, while the third is expected to deliver its baby at the end of December 2009. kenya safari

A team belonging to the African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG) that visited Uganda recently has certified the country’s suitability to host the Eastern Black Rhinos and the Northern White Rhinos which once occurred in large populations in the northern part of the country.gorilla tours

The team was in Uganda to evaluate the former rhino ranges and rate them for importance, management capacity, habitat suitability, ecological carrying capacity, veterinary risk and the general security situation.

After the 7-day visit which included visits to Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary in the company of the UWA Veterinary Co-ordinator, Dr. Patrick Atimnedi, the team said they were convinced that Uganda still had the capacity to host the rhinos, which were poached to extinction during the1970s and 1980s . kenya safari packages

During a follow-up meeting the team had with the UWA Management team, they advised that all aspects relating to the management of the rhinos must be assessed and decided upon in the run-up to their re-introduction in the Ugandan wild. Such aspects include ecological management, community support, security, monitoring, capacity building, co-ordination with the different stakeholders, political support and tourism activities. gorilla safari

The team recommended that a Uganda Rhino Policy should be developed as this will demonstrate government commitment to the re-introduction of the rhinos. They also recommended the formulation of a National Rhino Conservation Plan as well as specific re-introduction plans for each site for the different rhino species. gorilla safari rwanda

Two more Bwindi gorilla families for habituation

Bwindi and the Gorillas put Uganda in the lime light unlike other unfortunate circumstances that usual tarnish the countries name. This time the Uganda Wildlife Authority has announced the habituation of two more gorilla families in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The habituation, which started in November 2009, was announced in September 2009 by Mr. Moses Mapesa the UWA Executive Director. bwindi gorilla tours

The two new gorilla families are going by the names of Kahungye and Oruzogo. Kahungye derives its name from a hill with the same name which is in the home range of this gorilla family, while Oruzogo derives its name from a plant called Oruzogoto (in the local dialect), which is common in the area where this family ranges. gorilla safaris

Habituation of the two new gorilla families will increase the number of tourist gorilla families to 8. With each family being allocated 8 gorilla tracking permits per day, the new additions will increase the number of gorilla tracking permits to 64 per day. gorilla trekking

It is estimated that the Kahungye gorilla family has about 19 individuals, three of whom are silverbacks. Oruzogo is estimated to have 15 individuals.gorilla permits

This has come as a result of the high demand for the Gorilla tracking permits and when UWA finally open the families for tracking. More tourists will get the golden opportunity to track the gentle giants.kenya hotels


Uganda is referred to as the pearl of Africa due to the countries natural beauty from the moment the visitors land at Entebbe international airport for  gorilla tours or a uganda safari. With its breathing equatorial location on the forest shore of island –strewn Lake Victoria, there fore making Uganda a clear ordinary safari destination. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda with a bright modern feel that reflect the ongoing economic growth and political stability that has characterized Uganda since 1986. The nation has managed to move on from he authentic, original Source of the Nile Site, where the British Explorer Speke first discovered the River Nile (of course the Africans,south african safari knew there was a river, but anyway..). Stand where he stood, take a picture with the monument, go for boat rides across the river Nile and into Lake Victoria, see monkeys, monitor lizards, pythons (and maybe even an authentic African Witchdoctor). The site also allows for camping, nature walks, parties and occasions with a truly spectacular nature setting. Ideal for Bird watching and anyone looking for 1 day tour in the Ugandan Countryside. he authentic, original Source of the Nile Site, where the British Explorer Speke first discovered the River Nile (of course the Africans knew there was a river, but anyway..). Stand where he stood, take a picture with the monument, go for boat rides across the river Nile and into Lake Victoria, see monkeys, monitor lizards, pythons (and maybe even an authentic African Witchdoctor). The site also allows for camping, nature walks, parties and occasions with a truly spectacular nature setting. Ideal for Bird watching and anyone looking for 1 day tour in the Ugandan Countryside. The abyss civil war and the economic catastrophe of Idi Amin days. The most interesting part is that Uganda is where the East African savanna meet the African Jungle , african safari kenya. In this wonderful country, one can observe lions, track chimpanzees through the rain forest underground hen, navigate tropical channels teaming with hippos and crocs before setting off into the mountains to stare deep into the eyes of a mountain gorillas rwanda.

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Uganda to get antelopes from Kenya

The East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania formed a wildlife partnership and have continued supporting each other. Among these countries different animal species especially the endangered species have been shared in an effort to save and protect the animals in case of an epidemic.

In the same arrangement companies like Hima cement have come in to donate some animals for breeding and population purposes, Uganda will import 12 oryxes for re-stocking Kidepo Valley National Park in the north-eastern part of the country, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) :  has said.

The director of conservation and gorilla safaris in uganda , Sam Mwandha, said the oryx, a species of antelope, previously roamed parts of north-eastern Uganda.

He explained that the oryx had become extinct in Kidepo.

“A few of them are still surviving between the hills separating Abim and Pader,” Mwandha said.

He added that the oryxes used to be found in the plains of Karamoja, Southern Sudan and Kenya ,kenya travel guide.

Mwandha said poaching, which pushed animals to extinction, had thrived in the political turmoil and civil unrest of the 70s and 80s but this changed two decades ago and the wildlife populations have been increasing.

The oryx, which are world famous antelopes among tourists, will be transferred from Heller Park, run by Lafarge, to help establish a breeding population in the country.

Hima Cement Factory, which is part of Lafarge, will donate the animals and airlift them to Kidepo park.

Rwanda on the other hand has wildlife national parks , an several gorilla parks ,such as Parc des volcanes,ruhengeri where you may have gorilla safaris in rwanda.

Rwanda to host a Pan African Tourism workshop.

Participants from some 15 African countries will meet in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, to discuss ways of promoting sustainable tourism practices that reduce poverty. uganda safari However, the workshop stated form 25 to 27 January 2010 organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat in conjunction with the International Trade Centre, Rwanda Development Board and SNV, the Dutch Development Agency. Many experts worked hand in hand to promote community tourism across “the land of thousand hills” and took place at Laico Hotel. gorilla safaris in uganda
The aim of the workshop is to build capacity of relevant support institutions and share information on approaches, tools, methodologies, and valuable experiences for implementing sustainable tourism programs that reduce poverty.
One of the experts said that “We are hoping that by sharing information and experiences, and distilling good practice from across the continent, the capacity of institutions involved in tourism development in the various countries will be enhanced,” said Jose Maurel, director of the Special Advisory Services Division, who is leading the Secretariat team to the workshop.gorilla safaris in rwanda

The workshop was addressed by the following key issues: Key issues that will be addressed will include the impact of the financial crisis and climate change on the tourism sector, the use and strengthening of public private partnerships in tourism development, and how the poor can effectively participate in the supply chains, like producing crafts, fruits and labour to earn incomes and improve their rwanda  safari livelihoods. By so doing, there will be local community developments in destinations while ensuring environmental and social sustainability hence leading to the provision of quality products and services to Tourists.Bwindi gorilla trek

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UWA Wants Balloon Tourism in L. Mburo Park

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has advertised for firms interested in developing and managing balloon tourism in the Lake Mburo National Park. uganda safari

In addition, Lake Mburo National Park has markedly different fauna to other reserves. Lying in the one part of Uganda covered in extensive acacia woodland, Lake Mburo is the best place in the country to see the gigantic eland antelope, as well as zebra, topi, impala, and several acacia-associated birds.tanzania safari

Lake Mburo National Park is one of Uganda’s loveliest wildlife Safari destinations. It is important for game viewing tours, Birding safaris, guided nature walks as well as sport hunting.rwanda safari

The Lake Mburo NP is situated some 250 km southeast of Kampala along the highway between Masaka and Mbarara. kenya safari

Balloon tourism is already in existence in both Kenya and Tanzania but will be relatively new in Uganda and represents an innovation on the part of UWA to bring in more tourists to the country’s underexploited natural resources.gorilla safaris in rwanda

Balloon Safari is a fashionable safari. Gliding serenely above the trees offers unparalleled panoramic balloon views of the awe-inspiring landscape. The unique perspective gives a much truer and mind blowing sense of the huge expanses of bush. The feeling is indescribable, watching the plains teeming with herds of wildlife. gorilla safaris uganda

Let’s hope for the best

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Rhinos relocated due to Drought

The Kenya Wildlife Service had to relocate some of its Rhinos due to drought. Initially 10 southern white rhinos were relocated from the Lake Nakuru National Park to the Nairobi National Park, after drought conditions in Nakuru worsened. KWS also intimated that further relocations may have to take place to protect the rhinos in Lake Nakuru National Park from drought effects. kenya safari

In the early 1980s, Lake Nakuru National Park was turned into the country’s first park come rhino sanctuary to protect the then highly-endangered species and the fencing of the entire park was completed with a specially-designed electric fence, which helped to make the rhino breeding program an overwhelming success. In fact, several of the rhinos have over the years already been relocated to other parks to restock the rhino population and allow reproduction in the wild. kenya wildlife safari

The carrying capacity of Lake Nakuru National Park has reached its limits, however, as a result of the drought, and the success of the breeding program over the past twenty-plus years has added to the pressure on the park’s ecosystem, which now is no longer able to sustain the large numbers of rhino found in the park. Visitors to the Nairobi National Park, only 10 miles from the city, will be the beneficiaries of the relocation, as they will be able to see quite a few more rhinos when doing a little “safari to the suburbs.” kenya hotels

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Rwandair invests $40m in for growth

One can now understand why Rwandair’s Mission statement is ”To provide unsurpassed, safe and reliable services in air transportation, including strategically linking Rwanda with the outside world, while ensuring a fair return on investment”.rwanda safaris

RwandAir has secured $40 million from the PTA bank to finance its ten-year strategic plan and a five-year business plan whose implementation started this year.gorilla safaris in rwanda

PTA bank is the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank based in Bujumbura, Burundi of which Rwanda is a shareholder. The PTA Bank was established on 6 November 1985 following the provisions of the Treaty of 1981 establishing the Preferential Trade Area (PTA), which has since been transformed into the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African States (COMESA), as a financial arm of the integration arrangement.rwanda gorilla safari

Former Finance Minister James Musoni, RwandAir Chairman John Mirenge, RwandAir Chief Executive Officer Gerard Zirimwabagabo and PTA Bank President Dr.Michael Gondwe signed the financing agreement in Kigali recently.

RwandAir chief Zirimwabagabo said that the national carrier will use the loan to purchase its own fleet, spare parts, construction of a hanger and staff training.rwanda gorilla trekking

“In the current five-year business plan we are looking at procuring a minimum of six aircrafts,” he said.

“We are purchasing two CRJ-200 aircrafts with PTA bank financing and this is very important because these are the first RwandAir owned aircrafts.”gorilla permits

He revealed that the airline is engaged in talks with the Boeing Company for brand new Boeing 7373-800s aircrafts that should be available by mid 2011.

He said the airline is also talking to other international banks for possible lending.

The airline recently hired two Rwandese pilots out of the required five pilots to fly its fleet.gorilla trekking safari

Rwandair also terminated its contract with Jetlink, a Kenyan based company following the latter’s aircraft crash on November 12 at Kigali International Airport in which one passenger died.

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Need to develop Tourism Potentials in Uganda.

Since the pre historic times, travel has been the vehicle of trade, territorial expansion, cultural assimilation, war and peace.

Travel and Tourism is the vehicle to discovery, social and economic integration and the interconnection of the world. The notion of peace through tourism is one that Uganda and indeed Africa can bear true testimony.Ssese Island tour

We all recognize tourism as the fastest growing industry with a high potential for job creation and a relatively low capitalization requirement. Uganda is richly endowed and the task is to harness and expose its beauty to the world. This country has a lot to offer in terms of tourism; however we have continued to rely on the traditional and limited resources and markets to grow the industry. Product diversification and thecreation of new markets is a key to the growth of our tourism.kenya tour information

Statistics show that the world’s international tourist arrivals were 842 million in 2006, Africa attracted 25.6 million, this represented 4.8 percent for Africa and 3 percent for Sub Saharan Africa respectively. In terms of growth Sub-Saharan Africa (+12.6%) leads the performance so far, pulled notably by South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland and the Seychelles. The estimated value of the international tourism cake was US$683 billion in 2005, the Germans were the top spenders spent 72.7 billion the United States 69.2 billion, Britain 59.6 billion, and china 21.8 billion. In this whole business, Uganda’s contribution is negligible. uganda safaris

The question that we have been slow to answer is why in spite of all the natural resources, cultural Endowment and peace, the country has not fully utilized and benefited from the resource?kenya safari

We need to examine this question and develop a response strategy that will improve and enhance our competitiveness on the international market.

First we need to create awareness among the people to start looking at the natural and cultural endowments in their midst as a tourism resource. Most of the districts have not included tourism development in their development planning. I urge the tourism ministry spearhead the awareness campaign among the tiers of political and administrative institutions and the populace to look at tourism as a resource and harness it. rwanda gorilla safari

We need to add value, develop and package our tourism products. Most of our important tourist resources are not easily accessible; they lack basic sanitary facilities, good guides and are in bad state of repair. The product will sell better if it is well packaged.gorilla trekking safari

There is need to build our domestic tourism base. The most successful destinations in the world benefit from the domestic tourism base to sustain their operations. The various cultural events in the cultural institutions can be used as a promotional tool to attract visitors to the region. I would like to interest our traditional leaders to invite all their neighbors to the cultural celebrations.gorilla trekking rwanda

The need for capacity building can not be over emphasized; tourism is a professional industry that requires skilled personnel in all its spheres. Hotel operations, tour guiding, site and travel management all require professionals.

This country has a lot to offer in terms of tourism; however we have continued to rely on the traditional and limited resources and markets to grow the industry. Product diversification and the creation of new markets is a key to the growth of our tourism, promoters of the tourism industry should therefore explore new markets like in the Far East and develop new products like sports, community and agro tourism to enrich on what we traditionally offer. The tourism fraternity should start planning and marketing the product with a regional focus.primate safari rwanda wildlife tour

The quality and range of our services provides the competitive edge. It is therefore important that as the private sector develops their products, innovativeness, professionalism and standards are paramount.bwindi gorilla tracking safari uganda